Monday 27 August 2012

Inter – The Strama couple

Two responses to La Signora

Samp make Milan cry

A super Napoli with the Hamsik, Insigne and Cavani trident

Roma, a draw with chills

Hernanes, Lazio go

Juve now study the final assault for Jovetic

Cardozo is the alternative

Chievo start with a sprint

Genoa OK, Torino smile

Messi saves Barcelona

Mourinho floored

Ancelotti is 11th

What answers from Inter and Napoli!

Milan, KO and jeers

Now Kaka and Diarra

Lazio, what a strike at Bergamo – signed by Hernanes

Merkel-Immobile don’t forgive, ciao Cagliari

Juve also want Jovetic, Della Valle says no

Real fall, PSG draw –6 from the top

Juve, there is Cardozo

Enquiry made for the Benfica striker. Lucio out for a month

Inter and Napoli, law of three

This is not Milan!

Unrecognisable and unlucky, they lose to a super Samp

Toro, a zero that counts at Siena

Zeman saves himself against Catania thanks to Lopez