Wednesday 29 August 2012

Milan, not just Bojan

Hunt for a midfielder, De Jong is the favourite

A ‘spoon’ condemns Udinese

Champions League, it is our year zero

And now Juventus go for giant Bendtner

Vice-Milito: Borriello rises

Julio Cesar goes

Berbatov is OK, what a great swoop

Nastasic to City

Zeman thinks of Pepito Rossi

Jung is liked

Juve: Drogba!

The Ivorian breaks with his club in China

The first contacts in June, a €4m offer ready

Milan sign Bojan: “I’m happy”

Fiorentina, Berbatov has said yes

Udinese, what madness

Goodbye Champions League

Inter go for Diarra, Maicon is the key

Two ideas for Cagliari – Cabrera and Ceccarelli

Bologna contested as Ramirez goes

Napoli accelerate: Objective Uvini

A war of nerves for Llorente

Juve nearly get Drogba and won’t give up on the Basque

Bendtner is the first alternative

Milan, Bojan signed!

Torino: Bakic is the surprise move

Fiorentina, final straight for Berbatov

Armero eludes as Braga freeze Udinese