Friday 31 August 2012

Juve, Bendtner and Chelsea

Milan, De Jong and Zenit

Iron Inter go through

Down to 10 men for 60 minutes, they come back twice against Vaslui to qualify

Lazio on velvet, Kozac double and Zarate is seen again

Fiorentina don’t stop, Migliaccio and Tomovic signed

Gilardino goes to Bologna

Borriello towards Genoa

Milan-De Jong: Done

Juve, here is Bendtner

Napoli, Mesto chaos

Conte fishes Chelsea

There is Spalletti for Allegri

Fiorentina, another swoop: Migliaccio

And today the striker

Del Piero, no to Sion. Is he off to Australia?

Llama towards Palermo

Bologna go for Gila

Mad Inter in 10 fight-back and quality

Lazio OK

Bendtner, a giant for Conte

Marotta signs the Dane to reinforce the attack

“Allegri, you have De Jong: Now win…”

Juve, there is Chelsea!

Spalletti for Milan

Barreto and Pasquale: “Yes to Toro”

Borriello-Melazzi double for Genoa

Bologna for Gila

Llama to Palermo

Tomovic in Florence with Migliaccio

Roma: Schelotto

Udinese: Ranegie

Ze Eduardo to Siena