Saturday 1 September 2012

Transfer winners and losers

Last moves see Toni wear Viola again

Crazy Berbatov called Fiorentina

Gila to Bologna, so Genoa take Borriello

Cavani signs on until 2017 with €60m buy-out clause

Milan, straight away Pazzo and then Bojan against Bologna, De Jong on the bench

Allegri responds to Galliani: ‘We reinforced, but Juve remain favourites’

Europa League draw: Inter OK, Udinese face Eto’o

Lazio with Tottenham, Napoli have Van Bommel’s PSV

Falcao hat-trick as Atletico crush Chelsea 4-1

Balotelli needs eye surgery, so no Nazionale

Allegri, what an attack on Milan!

Rossoneri take on Bologna today, but Coach responds to Galliani

‘The team was dismantled, now we start from scratch’

Della Valle-Juve row: ‘Amateurish on Berbatov’

Napoli lock down Cavani

Shock Fiorentina bring back Toni

Borriello-Genoa and Gilardino to Bologna

Cagliari snap up Casarini and play at the Is Arenas

Roma buy their fourth goalkeeper, Goicoechea

Europa League scares, only Mazzarri gets a good draw

Falcao hat-trick as Atletico humiliate Chelsea in the Super Cup

Bendtner: ‘Conte, trust me!’

‘I am all heart and goals’

Chelsea, Juve’s next Champions League opponents, crushed by Falcao in the Super Cup

Milan end reinforcements and Allegri replies to Galliani

Ventura, invent a Toro! Birsa and Agostini arrive

Cavani-Napoli, clause worth €64m

Fiorentina, Toni’s back! Plus Llama

Genoa reunite with Borriello and Ferronetti

Gila-Bologna, Spezia dream with Antenucci

Already tension at Palermo between Zamparini and fans