Tuesday 18 September 2012

Milan Allegri, win to stay

The Rossoneri, who lost 100 European goals in the summer, debut against Anderlecht

They need three points to overcome the problems

Di Matteo and his Cup: “The hardest of all time”

Here is how Conte changed gear in the second half

Moratti: “Provincial? No, Inter are intelligent”

From Montella to Ferrara, the artisans of football

Varese, their ending costs them dear

Bari two goals in five minutes

Mou-Mancini, star wars

Hamsik: “We’ll win the Scudetto”

“Napoli are fantastic, Juve are favourites but we are now more mature…”

“It’s my moment, I don’t want to stop”

Champions League gets underway and Allegri already trembles

Bocchetti: “It’s nice to be liked by Juve”

Inter, Sneijder peace with Strama: “It’s all fine”

Petkovic attacks: “Lazio don’t fear Tottenham”

Roma on the market, Piris doesn’t convince, a new full-back wanted

Bari, a mad comeback

Special surveillance

Conte targeted by the English and UEFA

Vucinic, there is Chelsea: Do it again

Allegri: “I know I’m at risk and that is right”

Now Bianchi is ready to sign

Inter, Paulinho and Jung in January

Varese, what a joke. From 2-0 to 2-2 against Bari