Friday 21 September 2012

Allegri v Inzaghi

Head-on collision

Unbelievable row between the Milan boss and the Coach of the Allievi, a candidate to replace him

Big words fly. Galliani plays it down

Inter, bewitched grass

Not even the Nerazzurri are able to win at home

Napoli travel at full Vargas, but Hamsik gets sent off

Record Juve, nobody runs like them in Europe

Allegri-Inzaghi, unbelievable row!

The Coach goes to see his possible successor: It’s chaos

Meeting and insults in front of the club’s youth system players

Napoli dominate

Inter save themselves

Lazio resist

Juve enchant Europe

And Conte hopes again in front of the TNAS

“€10m for 54 Coaches”

Roma discover the Pjanic dilemma

Pirlo out!

He’ll be rested against Chievo: Space to Pogba

Milan in disarray

A fight between Inzaghi and Allegri almost breaks out

Berlusconi calls Gattuso, but Ringhio says no

Napoli sing with Vargas

Nagatomo saves Inter

New Year in Dubai

Toro become a bargain for Cairo

Balotelli, night clubs and too many cigarettes. Mancini is now bored