Monday 24 September 2012

Milan rolls over

Double crisis. The Rossoneri fall further back in the standings. But their cousins are not doing much better

Milan lose at Udine with two sent off: Zapata and Boateng

Galliani: “Allegri will not be touched. He has my faith and that of Berlusconi”

Inter surprisingly fall at the San Siro against Siena

Stramaccioni on the grater. The team shows little and are jeered

Juve alone: Napoli stop, Lazio KO. Cagliari-Roma is heading towards a 0-3

The Bianconeri are looking down on everyone from the top. Elkann: “Quagliarella is the top player”

Mazzarri stopped by a great Catania. Genoa achievement with a win at the Olimpico: Borriello is decisive

The sporting judge will give a loss to the Sardi today. They are also at risk of a point deduction

Stadium sabotage: Mou does not play

Chaos in Milan. Never this bad!

Milan also lose at Udine and are hovering in the relegation zone with two players sent off

The club are certain: “Allegri will stay here.” Key game against Cagliari.

Inter humiliated by Siena: San Siro is bewitched with zero points in two games

Sneijder sparks. Strama revolutionizes everything: three-man defence

Napoli stop, Lazio KO and Juve are already breaking away

Mazzarri with an extra player right away but get a 0-0 at Catania

Petkovic dominates against Genoa, but Borriello denies him

Conte finds himself alone at the top – and tomorrow he heads for Florence

Poor debut for Gasperini: Palermo lose again

Cagliari mess, Roma will today get a 3-0 win

Cellino interview: “I saved everything”

Juventus in charge!

Bianconeri are already alone at the top after Napoli’s draw and Lazio slump

Milan cries

The crisis is swallowing up Milan and Inter

Allegri KO again (2-1 at Udine), but he will stay for now: “Sacking me would make no sense”

Nerazzurri overwhelmed at home by Siena (0-2). Stramaccioni: “Forward or I will change jobs”

Toro a breath away from a win. But Samp are there

Cagliari-Roma 0-3? The storm explodes