Tuesday 9 October 2012

Inter, do you believe or not?

The ambitions of the Nerazzurri grow

Juve and Napoli still have something more, but Strama’s side are getting closer

And if Paulinho arrives…

Galliani against the referee in Milan’s day after

The CEO: “Valeri technically inadequate. Everyone saw that his report card was worth a four. We are good enough for the top spots. Allegri must find a solution”

Fan Kaka: “Everything will be different in Europe”

Juventus, the invincibles haven’t lost in 46 matches

Now the Italian champions have their eyes on Milan’s all time record: Points in 58 matches

“I am Francesco, I’ll tell you about Roma”

Prandelli warns Balotelli: “A champion? Show it”

Milan-Valeri, what a fight in the tunnel!

The referee verbally assaulted by the Rossoneri at half-time and at the end of the derby

The harshest were Ambrosini (suspended) and Braida

Details emerge about the tension during the match

A one-match ban for the captain who was on the bench

And Galliani attacks: “The referee was technically inadequate. Allegri? He will stay”

Transfer market, here are the January signings

Inter on Paulinho and now take on Roma for Jung

Napoli: Centurion

Llorente between Juve, Moratti and Barca

Juve-Napoli Scudetto fever

Marchisio: “We have grown thanks to the new signings”

Mazzarri: “They are favoured and we will be ready”

Diakite, Lotito against Inter

Roma and De Rossi heading towards a divorce

Prandelli also criticises Balotelli

Messi and Ronaldo – the extra-terrestrials

Ahead of the big match between Juve-Napoli

Prandelli protects Pirlo!

“Conte and I have spoken and we have come to an excellent solution”

The Azzurri selector: “We have come up with a new method to help players recover”

“The national team will soon become an Avant-garde team”

Vidal: “Juventino for life”

The Chilean: “History is made here, I never thought of United or Real Madrid”

Allegri stays: For now…

Milan confirm their faith, but the bench trembles

Transfer special. Palermo: Urruti

Toro, listen to the fans: “We are missing quality. January the turning point”

A winning Inter think of reinforcements: Not just Paulinho

False citizenship. Passaportopoli returns to sport?

Spezia, what a night. Livorno trounced in the Serie B posticipo