Friday 19 October 2012

Marchisio: ‘Win so we take the fizz out of them...’

Juve midfielder: ‘We are stronger, though Napoli are tough.’

‘Agnelli is a Number 8 shirt style President, he’s complete and solid. De Laurentiis is a 10 – unpredictable’

Cavani misses his flight

Juventus-Napoli will have €400m on the pitch

Milan: Pato is ok, Allegri ready for the reboot

Strama the chameleon: Another change of system with a trident?

Juve-Napoli, we’ve got goosebumps!

Vucinic still has a fever, so Matri-Quagliarella possible

Buffon unlikely to recover, Storari steps in

Cavani only arrived last night, so one training session before the big game

He wants to make up for Uruguay’s two defeats

Betting: Kutuzov drags Conte in for Salernitana-Bari

Milan’s wild nights as De Jong and Niang caught out

Inter look to the future with Jung and Rolando

De Rossi’s double role, Zeman increases doubts

Falcao to Real for €55m causes controversy

Ballack arrested in Spain for speeding at 211km/h

Convincing Giovinco

‘Our opponents stir up controversy because we win and therefore irritate them’

‘What if Napoli beat us? It’s a hypothesis I won’t even consider’

‘It’s true, I should score more goals. I’d give the Ballon d’Or to Messi and Pirlo’

Damato will ref Juve-Napoli, Cesari insists ‘he’s third tier!’

Cavani misses flight and will only train today

Marchisio and Buffon on the pitch, Vucinic ruled out?

Kurtic back on Granata radar

Galliani: ‘Austerity is over, Milan will now invest’

San Siro tickets discounted on the net, Inter complain

Criscito: ‘I have neither rancour nor nostalgia for Italy’