Tuesday 30 October 2012

…And so then, instant replays

To prevent cases like the one at Catania it would be wise to introduce instant replays for offsides, violent conduct and phantom goals

Juve-Inter: The match has already begun

Agnelli: “We are under siege. Too much tension surrounds Juve”

Moratti: “Absurd situation. No one wants to return to the atmosphere of 2006”

Milan look for a repeat in Gasperini’s den

Italians – Golden Ball. Balo, Buffon and Pirlo in the 23

Football without offside? Impossible

Maggiani mystery on the web, claims and denials

Poll: Too many mistakes from the referees

The scandal of Catania sparks chaos

Moratti attacks Juve too

“I saw absurd situations: An error worth double or triple”

The anger of Agnelli: “We are under siege: What tension against us”

And today Alessio will not speak

Pulvirenti provokes: “Agnelli should ask for a replay seeing as they are so sure they would win again…”

The guilty? On the field…

Rizzoli will referee tonight at Palermo: There is Milan

Mystery over Maggiani over the web

What six refs, instant replays are needed

Milan at Palermo: What a risk!

Golden Ball there is also Buffon, Pirlo and Balotelli

“Respect Juve”

Agnelli: “Preventive anger against us”

Abete: “The Bianconeri must not be criminalised”

Moratti: “Absurd things at Catania, but they are just errors”

A problem of consistency

Miccoli exclusive: Digs at Juve and assault on Milan

On his past in Bianconero: “I am not a little soldier”

On tonight’s match: “The three points matter, not my goals”

Cairo: “Me, the referees and Ventura”

Napoli look for a vice-Cavani

Bianchi, Floccari, Acquafresa and Kozak possible moves for the attack