Friday 2 November 2012

A Juve-Inter of records

The Bianconeri, unbeaten in 49 matches, have surpassed Capello in their first 10 matches

For the Nerazzurri (-4) eight consecutive victories (six in Serie A)

Two teams worth €503m

The home team are worth more, but the difference on the pitch has been reduced

Thaw: Agnelli invites Moratti to the stadium

Platini crowns Pirlo: “He deserves the Golden Ball”

“I vote for five referees and if they make errors they should change careers”

Ranocchia: “We can surprise…”

Lucio is tired of not playing. He wants to leave

Balo on the cover of Time: “He is the Italian phenomenon”

Centre stage Mario talks about penalties, racism and children

Pasqual scores and Fiorentina soar

The away game taboo is broken

A more attacking system, Allegri is trying everything

Agnelli-Moratti peace talks

Tomorrow there is the Scudetto clash between Juve and Inter

In these hours, frequent phone conversations between the two Presidents to also calm the tension between the two sets of fans

Interview with Palacio: “I will score and we will win”

We reveal everything about Pogba

The predictions of 50 experts. Conte wins, only three go for an away win

Platini shock: “The referees make mistakes in five? Send them home…”

Zeman plays for his future in the derby

Palermo and then Lazio: If Roma fail then Delio Rossi is on the front row

Fiorentina fly into the Champions League zone

Pasqual folds Genoa 1-0

Viola OK for the first time in 30 years at Marassi

Marcelo to Milan, Galliani gives it a go

Napoli smile as Cavani returns

Lazio-Petkovic towards a renewal

Stroppa at risk, Pescara on Marino

Pogba: “Bewitched by Conte”

“A great Coach, as good as Ferguson”

Vucinic: “Inter? They bring me luck”

Moratti-Agnelli: Signs of peace…

Milito: “Strama is very good”

El Shaarawy tempts Mou

“Toro, you can win at Napoli”

The Viola are beautiful

Del Neri cries as Genoa are in trouble

Unbelievable protest aimed at Novara players