Thursday 8 November 2012

A lady-like Juve

Champions League: An excellent reaction after defeat in the championship

Bianconeri avalanche against Nordsjaelland and they are finally great in Europe

Marchisio, Vidal, Giovinco and Quagliarella score

Chelsea win in the 94th minute: Conte hears a roar and is angered

On October 20 there is the 'play-off' to go through

Barca KO against Celtic, United through to the last 16

Mazzola is 70. Birthday wishes from La Grande Inter in the Gazzetta

Strama on the hunt for the tenth away victory

Napoli need Cavani-gol to not be eliminated

Lotito attacks the American Roma

Udinese hit back?

Milan, 20 days to turn things around (and Guardiola…)

The real Juve are back!

They overwhelm Nordsjaelland 4-0 to re-open the Champions League

They need four points between Chelsea and Shakhtar (3-2 yesterday for the English in the 94th minute)

Barca KO in Glasgow

United qualify

Bayern score six

Milan study how to get Guardiola

City-Mancini high tension, future in the balance

Strama: “Inter has faith in the referees”

Napoli, there is Dnipro

Mazzarri: “Let’s win”

Lazio tests before the derby

Udinese with Di Natale

The fans to Roma: “Hands off De Rossi”

Another no for Cagliari open doors

Juve boom

Finally the Champions League taboo falls

Nordsjaelland crushed 4-0

Chelsea win with no time remaining

Barcelona, flop in Glasgow

Manchester, comeback in Portugal

Partizan-Inter, Nerazzurro test for Markovic

We reveal how the new Fila will look

De Rossi, the auction begins and the fans rebel

Palermo, two objectives: Floccari and Dossena

Napoli look to Marchese for the left