Wednesday 21 November 2012

Juve Juve Juve!

Fantastic game Conte’s side: Champions of Europe put under 3-0

Quagliarella, Vidal and Giovinco: The three that sweep away Chelsea

Last 16 a step away: A draw is needed against Lucescu’s team (already qualified)

Buffon: “It is a message, enough with the doubts over us”

Shakhtar: A win with an anti-fair play goal

Always Messi, 80 goals in 2012

Inter blow

The judge: Two matches for Cassano, one for Strama

Milan, a win at all costs

The Rossoneri will go through if they beat Anderlecht and Zenit are unable to defeat Malaga

Cagliari-Roma remains 0-3. Cellino fury

Mauri listened to for four hours. Sculli silent

Here is Domenech: “At night I have dream of Materazzi”

Juve, you are enormous

The kings of Europe, Chelsea, are overwhelmed: 3-0

Now only a point is needed against Shakhtar

Quagliarella, Vidal and Giovinco: The last 16 are very close

And tonight there is Anderlecht-Milan: Everything on the line for the Rossoneri

Hit Inter rebel

Two matches for Cassano, one for Stramaccioni: The club feel like they are in the viewfinder

Napoli, on the hunt for new goals. There is Acquafresca, Calaio is liked

Roma, the 3-0 is confirmed. Cagliari a fury

Pescara to Bergodi: “Stay calm, we’ll stay up”

Arcidiacono: “I want to say sorry to the police and the Raciti family”

In the blue, painted blue

An amazing Juve in the Champions League too: Chelsea destroyed (3-0)

The Bianconeri fly with Quagliarella, Vidal and Giovinco: The last 16 closer

Now only a point is needed with Shakhtar

“Toro get yellow cards, others get penalties”

Cairo: “Is it possible that only we simulate in the area? Calvarese is unlucky with my team. A rating for my team? A nice seven”

Allegri orders: “Milan, enough with the gifts”

Referees - Too few and overused

Inter blow, two matches for Cassano and one for Strama