Thursday 22 November 2012

A high ridge Milan

El Shaarawy opens the scoring, Mexes jewel like Ibra, Pato goal and controversy: “I want to play more”

Rossoneri through to the last 16 for the tenth consecutive time

Pharoah = Faith

Ancelotti forward, Mancini out (1-1 with Mou)

Agnelli pride: “We are a European side”

“Torino and us are the only clubs to win five straight Scudetti”

Chelsea change. Di Matteo out, Benitez arrives

Strama also believes in the young Inter

From Belec to Livaja: There are 10 Under-21s who left for Kazan

Lazio, three points to qualify

Napoli with Cavani

Milan through

Mexes, what a goal!

Champions League: Anderlecht KO (3-1), Rossoneri to the last 16

Fantastic overhead kick by the Frenchman…Ibra style

El Shaarawy and Pato also score, the last game against Zenit is useless

PSG, Dortmund and Real are also through. City out

Agnelli provokes Inter

The President forgets the Nerazzurri: “Only Juve and the Grande Torino have won five straight Scudetti”

Conte enthusiastic: “We push ahead with our ideas”

Di Matteo sacked. Chelsea to Benitez

Napoli play for Europe in Sweden

Udinese and Lazio (Gascoigne in the stands) are also in the race

Qualified Inter are in Russia

Cagliari party, Is Arenas is open to everyone

Cuadrado speaks: “I’ll take Florence to the Champions League”

Conte: “The best is yet to come”

The Coach, Obama style, speaks after the Euro triumph: “It was only the beginning against Chelsea”

Agnelli, another jab at Inter: “Juve and Toro are the only sides to win five straight Scudetti”

With Andrea you can…

Di Matteo thrown out, the Blues to Benitez

Milan, forward with the Pharoah

El Shaarawy goal, magic from Mexes, then Pato: 3-1 against Anderlecht and the Rossoneri are through to the last 16 of the Champions League

Diop after the debut: “Toro, you have given me my greatest joy”

Inter with the turnover

And for January they go for Douglas-Pinilla

Between AIK and the transfer market: Napoli look for goals and target D’Agostino

Ebagua, what a duel with Camolese: “True Toro heart”

Samp-Sensibile no divorce. At least for now…