Monday 26 November 2012

Milan turning point

Juve alarm

Determined Rossoneri win with a Robinho penalty

Allegri fair play: “It wasn’t a penalty”

Marotta: “Our worst game”

Assist for their cousins

Inter go to Parma to profit

Napoli with Insigne

Mazzarri’s side at Cagliari without Cavani, Pandev and Campagnaro

Destro’s Roma

Genoa and Samp yes

Toro stop the Viola

Sneijder crisis: Now the Diavolo tempt him

Messi always scores [2]

Barca fly to +11 over Mou

Juve fall amidst controversy: 1-0

Milan enjoy it, but it wasn’t a penalty!

A Robinho goal decides it with an inexistent spot-kick

Allegri admits: “It wasn’t a foul”

Marotta: “We were bad, but this was 0-0…”

Rizzoli and Co, look at what you awarded

Inter and Napoli, a night to catch up

At Parma and Cagliari, a golden chance for Stramaccioni and Mazzarri

Roma win at Pescara too with a Destro goal

Fiorentina never give up: 2-2 at Torino

Serie B: Caputo double, Bari fly

Torrente’s side beat Modena with two penalties and they rise in the table

Galliani, stick that on your mobile

Milan-Juve 1-0: But the decisive penalty was invented

Nine months ago Muntari’s goal

A Toro to applaud and then the usual penalty…

Twice ahead, they scare Fiorentina, but they are caught with help from referee Damato

Genoa kick-started by Bertolacci

Samp fly and Poli attacks Inter