Friday 30 November 2012

Bonucci: “Anti-Juve? More Napoli than Inter”

“It is ridiculous to talk about a team in crisis”

“We have understood the errors of San Siro”

“We are fired up but I fear Ventura”

“Scommessopoli? I refused a plea-bargain because I’m innocent”

Berlusconi’s ‘primaries’, Montolivo becoming more of a leader

Allegri: “After beating the champions, now I just want to win”

Maran: “They’re in form, but we’ve only made one mistake”

Another no from Sneijder

Pastore idea for Inter

Balotelli goal and he gifts himself a tattoo

Insigne: “I dream of making the fans crazy”

Messi, Iniesta and Ronaldo yes, Pirlo outside the three

Pastore-Sneijder, what a swap!

The Argentine to Inter, the Dutchman to PSG: Now it can happen

Moratti: “It’s an idea…”

There is Milan at Catania

Allegri: “I believe in the Scudetto”

Fernandinho – “It’s a Champions League worthy Juve. I dream of Italy”

Barzagli“Conte returns and we’ll be great again”

Insigne – “My Napoli, I want to win with you”

Gegic empties the sack and today talks about Mr X

Pirlo – “Me, the derby and Juve”

“I can’t wait to face Toro. I know that Ventura will make us suffer”

“I prefer the third star on the shirt rather than the 30 sul campo sentence”

“I still have a year and a half on my contract, then I’ll think about my future”

“Conte is exceptional, we’ve especially missed him at half-time”

“Two false steps against the Milanese, but we are not in crisis”

“My heir is called Verratti. Pogba meanwhile is the new Vieira”

Ogbonna: “Granata by mistake”

The defender reveals the background to his Toro arrival

Milan, Scudetto catch-up, but Catania believe

Inter-Palermo: Poison between Gasperini and Moratti

Napoli, Mazzarri has chosen Floccari

He’ll arrive in January