Friday 7 December 2012

Agnelli, Berlusconi, Moratti…

Battle for Balo

Milan were the first to be interested, but Inter remember that they have an option and Juve…

Pia was born yesterday in Naples

A never before seen Juve

Conte’s side who are lighting up the Champions League is very different to the great Bianconeri sides of Platini or Zidane, they have no big centre-forward, but lots of precious and winning jokers

Livaja scores two [and a phantom third] but Inter don’t win

Lazio avalanche, Napoli fall, Udinese KO

The Pharaoh scores once every three shots

12 goals from 37 efforts: Only Klose has a better ratio

Juve raise their voice

“Let’s change the system, starting with the Lega”

Europa League: Draw for Inter, Lazio show

Napoli and Udinese KO

Balotelli is a father, long distance for now

Pia is born in Naples, but he remains in Manchester

At Club World Cup, the clock against phantom goals debuts

Torino? No, Milan think of…Ogbonna

Savic sure: “I’ll score against Roma too”

Messi already on his feet: “What fear, but I’m feeling good”

And now Conte!

Juve, another emotion: Man of the Scudetto returns to the bench at Palermo

All the secrets of the Champions League opponents

Toro, Ventura insists for Ljajic

Milan, Ogbonna in their sights

Fiorentina, the objective is Cardozo

Inter-Napoli, no Sneijder, it’s a rift

It will be a roving Euro 2020

It will be played in 12 or 13 countries. Rome should be the venue for Italy