Sunday 16 December 2012

Door Klosed for Inter

Nerazzurri beaten at the Olimpico, race for the top gets harder

Lazio score with the German and climb to third place

Protests over a penalty foul on Ranocchia

In the other game, 1-1 between Udinese and Palermo

Drogba and Juve get closer, yes to 18-month contract so now it’s all about the money

Allegri reveals ‘there will be reinforcements in midfield and attack’

Mazzarri fires up Napoli, who can beat Bologna to go second

Sassuolo sink Padova, Verona held by Pro Vercelli


Lazio dream and Inter slip

Nerazzurri hit the post twice, but the German is decisive in the final minutes

Stramaccioni criticises the referee

Palermo caught by Udinese at the 89th minute, but complain of ‘a clear penalty’

Milan, Seedorf in January

Brazilian season on break, the Dutchman wants the Rossoneri until May

Juve try to break away and could bring back Quagliarella

Serie B: Varese’s match abandoned at the 82nd minute when 3-0 up...

Mazzarri: ‘Napoli, bring out your rage’

Juve, Christmas breakaway

Today Atalanta and Friday Cagliari

The Bianconeri attempt a decisive surge to secure the title of Winter Champions

Klose, checkmate Inter

Lazio win 1-0, but Nerazzurri beaten just as they seemed capable of scoring with Guarin and Cassano hitting the post

Palermo waste and Udinese catch them 1-1

Toro, it’s now or never

Milan, Peluso for the defence

Super Sassuolo, Novara upset, Pro Vercelli can breathe