Wednesday 19 December 2012

Drogba dream

Christmas sprint between Juve and Milan (60 per cent / 40 per cent)

Marotta has an agreement for 18 months in his hand

Galliani is working on it ahead of selling Pato and Robinho in Brazil

Meanwhile, Pastore says: “Rossonero sooner or later”

Inter go with Paracio

They beat Verona 2-0 with goals from Cassano and a super Guarin

Castellazzi KO: Palacio a protagonist in goal in the last 16 minutes

“Irresponsible Mario, he hasn’t seen his daughter”

In Europe, only Barca and Bayern are doing better than Juve

Napoli fury, penalised -2 points

Cannavaro-Grava stop for six months

“Serie A altered”

Pallotta: “De Rossi will stay”

Rich Messi: €13m a year

De Laurentiis accuses: “Championship falsified”

It’s official: Napoli -2, six months to Cannavaro and Grava

The President: “We’re calm, but the sentence is an injustice”

And tonight revenge against Bologna

Lotito: I’m going into politics

“I want to save football and the country. I’ll build a Scudetto-Lazio”

Pastore reveals: “I’ll play for Milan one day”

Buffon at Juve for life: Talks

Delio Rossi: “It won’t be a Samp to slap”

Coppa Italia, Palacio in goal but Inter win at San Siro

Messi-Barca, love forever

Juve, will you let him get away?

Drogba deal

Indecision risks favouring Milan

Brazilian Doria pops up again for the defence

Napoli, what blows!

Two point deduction: The team slips to 10 points behind Juventus

Six months for Cannavaro – the club talk for Granqvist

Toro market, no Almiron, there is Donadel

Mascara says: Catania for free

Cagliari-Juve again in chaos

Cassano and Guarin, Inter’s aces in Coppa

Palacio goes in goal!

Barca, Messi 2018

Abidal miracle: He returns to action!