Saturday 22 December 2012

Matri is Juve’s Santa Claus

Bianconeri struggle and go behind before winning 3-1

Ex-Cagliari striker bags a brace against his old club

Conte ends 2012 with another record, 94 points in a calendar year

Many refereeing errors, Cellino-Marotta row over the stadium

Zeman brings spice to Roma-Milan

‘We should’ve had more points, but we are seen as a problem’

Allegri dreams of an overtaking manoeuvre

Berlusconi: ‘I really like Niang’

Pescara at the 95th minute to beat Catania

Inter, the trident returns with Cassano, Palacio and Milito

Lazio ready to ruin Rossi’s debut

Fiorentina face Palermo test

Napoli, Behrami is mugged too

Juve are infinite

Pinilla early goal on penalty, Matri completes the comeback to win 301

Cagliari and Cellino furious with referee and the decision to play in Parma

‘I’m leaving football, it disgusts me’

Pescara also celebrate, as Catania beaten at the 95th minute

Berlusconi says no to Balotelli

‘I like Niang, though I hope he’s a better person than Mario’

Allegri awaits a hitman, Peluso heads to Conte, Immobile towards Palermo

Inter chase, Lazio reunited with Rossi

Mazzarri: ‘Napoli, now I’ll take care of this’

Zeman: ‘Roma are seen as an irritant’

‘We should’ve had an extra 15 points, but other clubs have more political weight’

Ibra, another goal and Ancelotti soars at PSG

Matri heart!

Juve fight back to beat Cagliari and referee Damato

It ends 3-1 in Parma, Rossoblu in front with a dubious penalty

Bianconeri not awarded two evident spot-kicks

Turnaround with Matri’s two goals, Vucinic and an Astori red card

Allegri opens the door to Balotelli

Mario makes peace with Man City, but the Coach draws up the ideal Milan reinforcement

Berlusconi puts on the brakes and hopes one of Robinho and Pato will stay

Inter: Strama on edge

Sneijder heads towards Schalke

Toro, Chievo and Maxi Lopez for safety

Barrientos scores, but Catania lose to Pescara