Sunday 23 December 2012

Milan given a lesson by Zeman

Roma block the Rossoneri comeback run

The Coach: ‘The wind from the north still blows in the Lega’

Berlusconi: ‘No to Balotelli, we like Drogba but he’s too expensive’

There’s only Juve, seconds out

Conte is now eight points ahead

Ancelotti: ‘They are the best, it’ll be tough to catch them’

Inter held 1-1 by Genoa, now for the transfer market: the idea is Borriello

Lazio in second place thanks to Hernanes

Jo-Jo double as Viola soar

Cavani goal, Napoli are back

Parma derby joy

Real Madrid sink, Mou on trial after benching Casillas

Juve extend their lead to eight points for Christmas

Inter disappear, but Lazio and Napoli are here

Fiorentina without limits, they conquer Palermo too

Spectacular Roma!

Milan try to fightback at the end, but lose 4-2

Zeman: ‘Great De Rossi’

Serie B marathon, three rounds in seven days

Peluso straight away

Conte asks for the defender by January 6

Juve finish the year +8 on Lazio, +9 on Inter and Fiorentina

The Bianconeri do better than Mourinho’s Inter

Roma festival, Milan fiasco

It ends 4-2 with super Giallorossi

Inter stop, Strama wants reinforcements

Only a draw with Genoa, Coach wants a Milito sub and a midfielder

Toro Christmas with three points and Cairo opens door to Bianchi

Maggio and Cavani, Napoli begin again

Palermo torn apart, Fiorentina go third