Wednesday 2 January 2013

My first 40 years

Captain Zanetti speaks

“Watch out Juve, you’ll have Inter on your backs”

Lampard offers himself, Sneijder returns today

Drogba or Balotelli? Milan see double

It’s a duel between Matri and Quagliarella over who will stay

Napoli move for Armero

Dossena towards Palermo

How Fiorentina are flying, number of wins and goals doubled

Totti now targets Matthews

“Roma, I’ll play until I’m 50”

Lampard, it’s an Inter-Lazio battle

Moratti wants him for the Champions League and there has already been an indirect contact

Lotito ready for Klose double, but a lot will depend on his salary demands

“It’s a Juve-Milan clash for Drogba”

“Sneijder will run off to the Premiership in June”

“Balotelli and Rossi will return to Serie A”

Napoli-Armero, it’s all done and soon the signatures

New Cavanis on the way from Uruguay

Insigne takes Jenny to the altar, but a fever sees him in bed

Here is Zanzi: “I’ll explain how we’ll build a world class Roma”

Llorente immediately

The big swoop in the summer?

Peluso: “I’ll take advantage of this opportunity”

Milan: Balo and Drogba head to head

Lampard is Moratti’s favourite

Cairo and Bianchi greetings

Totti, another four seasons to overtake Piola too

Granqvist, no Kiev, he’s Genoa’s hostage