Thursday 3 January 2013

Force nine deals

Sales, arrivals, junctions – everything revolves around these key men

Milan squeeze time – sell to then throw themselves at Drogba

But keep an eye on JuveVucinic is not well

And Osvaldo’s name is also mentioned

Sneijder hasn’t returned – Inter await offers

Lazio blitz for Lampard

Napoli: Calaio returns, sprint for Silvestre

Ronaldo, Real renewal? He dribbles away

“El Shaarawy like Del Piero, Immobile seems like Altobelli”

Subscriptions halted, new fans needed

What is not done to see Totti, a 27 hour drive to see him

Balo’s sister pregnant: “Oba Martins is the father”

Sneijder, it’s finished Inter

Dutchman provokes again and doesn’t turn up

Roma, no to Milan for Osvaldo and Destro

Zarate, last clash against Lazio and Lotito

Juve strike: Youngster Doria already signed

Napoli chose between Astori and Silvestre

Dossena to Palermo, the decisive yes has arrived

Barca party, Vilanova on the bench

Club owned stadiums, we’re behind

Suarez or Sanchez

Juve, what an attack!

Peluso sprint, medical and training

He’ll be on the bench on Sunday

Inter: Sneijder goes, Lampard gets closer

Milan, Osvaldo temptation

Toro: Another slap for Barreto

Palermo go wild, there is Dossena

Napoli move for Calaio

Lazio, it’s war with Zarate

Wolski for the Fiorentina attack

Genoa, Fernandez pops up again