Monday 7 January 2013

Juve fall

Cavani flies

Bianconeri beaten at home by 10-man Samp, Icardi double

Lazio now five points away

The new threat comes from Napoli (now third) who beat Roma (4-1) thanks to the fantastic Matador: Three goals!

Inter crumble in Udine too, crisis statistics

The lesson? Never say never

Bojan effect

The Spaniard comes on and wakes up Milan, Europe closer

Perin full of miracles

Florence submit to Pescara

Barca party with Vilanova

Mou, pro-Casillas jeers

Juve shock, Napoli arrive

Unbelievable KO of the champions, Cavani sinks Roma

Inter collapse

Strama: “Refs, no!”

Nice Pescara, Viola party ruined

Milan rise to the rhythm of the Champions League

Gasperini alarm: “Palermo, buy”

Vilanova on the bench and Barca are unleashed


Juve firstly throw it away and then get angry about two penalties not awarded

Martians, Marotta and earth to dig

Tremendous Cavani leads Napoli to crush Roma

Super Di Natale

Free-falling Inter on trial

Allegri beats Siena but screams: “Milan, we need champions”

Disappointed by Toro? Fans tells us at Tuttosport

Genoa enjoy: This is Borriello

Pescara strike, Fiorentina denied