Tuesday 8 January 2013

Messi, historic quartet

He beat Ronaldo and Iniesta, surpasses Cruijff, Platini and Van Basten

Coaches: Del Bosque above Mou

Guardiola, third, says: “I’m ready to return”

In the Top 11 there is only La Liga

Berlusconi: “Balo a bad apple.” And he freezes Allegri

“Mario would infect the changing room”

On the future of the Coach: “I’m not answering this one”

Zaccardo on his way

Bari prosecutors “free” Conte

Only failure to report for Ranocchia?

Drogba: “Juve and Milan are the history of Italy”

Inter look ahead, Dzeko path for June

Cavani, gold of Napoli and his price rises

Vicenza fail Baggio, the President resigns

Juve-Drogba, decisive hours

3m offered to the Ivorian for six months: Take it or leave it

Tomorrow tie against Milan

Lazio-Catania tonight

Berlusconi, Allegri to go!

Shock interview in the night: “Will he be at Milan next season? Do I need to be truthful? Give me another question then… No to Balotelli, no bad apples in the changing room”

Fourth Golden Ball, historic Messi

Armero goes to Mazzarri and it is not finished here

Dzeko in June: Inter have a go 

Drogba fibs

Conte: “I’ve never asked the club for him”

Marotta: “He’s given us his availability”

The striker: “I’ve not been contacted”

Juve, what lashes!

Inter: Dzeko is Milito’s heir

Moratti fury

Abate-Antonini Milan sacrifice, here is Santon

High tension, don’t commit suicide now Toro

55m for Cavani, Napoli say no to City

Lazio-Catania: Let’s go! The Coppa gets hot

Messi, super quartet

Guardiola: “I’m coming back”

Betting: Another storm on its way