Saturday 19 January 2013

The Shame

Armstrong’s shock confession

Juve emergency

Lazio, what an opportunity in Palermo

Conte without Pirlo and Marchisio looks to Vucinic

Petkovic targets the 15th result in an unbeaten run

Tomorrow night it’s Roma-Inter

Milan-Kaka: appointment in Madrid

Galliani flies out on Tuesday, but first the Brazilian must halve his wages

Beretta President of the Lega Serie A, Galliani Vice-President

Calcio split, shock fracture between the big clubs

As three clubs vote Beretta President of the Lega and four stage futile opposition

Only Pescara and Samp stood by the defeated group, Galliani becomes Vice-President

Cellino gets Inter-Roma moved in the Coppa to April, so February 1 Cagliari at the Olimpico

What a Saturday with Juve and Lazio!

Conte challenges Udinese and awaits Llorente

Petkovic can get Gasperini sacked

Kaka to Milan, it will be decided on Tuesday

Gianello: ‘Napoli, I apologise’

Against Udinese tonight it’s half a Juve, all of Vucinic

Montenegrin on the field straight away to relaunch the champions

Lazio try to catch the leaders

Petkovic’s men dream of victory in Palermo and hope Udinese can give them a gift

Gasperini irritable

Milan-Kaka will be done on Tuesday

The Brazilian will halve his wages for a loan

Galliani: ‘Balotelli? He’s expensive, so we ran away...’

Inter: Yolanthe sends Sneijder to Galatasaray

Viviano towards Bologna

Pozzi-Siena completed

Toro according to Cairo: ‘Ogbonna has 10 offers. Bianchi deal? In February’