Saturday 26 January 2013

Anelka! But is he of any use?

Frenchman is Juve’s signing for the Champions League, fans are doubtful

Meanwhile there is a final push for Lisandro

Pirlo out, Juve with Pogba against Genoa

Petkovic with Chievo seeks another record

Mou turns 50: ‘Playing for Milan would be good for Kaka’

Destro damages meniscus and risks two-month lay-off

Collina: ‘Referees, I’ll teach you how to fight against racism’

Juve, Anelka is not enough!

Frenchman snapped up for six months, but the Bianconeri also want Lisandro or Llorente

Balotelli possible on loan

Mourinho: ‘Kaka to Milan, me to Inter. Sooner or later I will return to the Nerazzurri’

Juve, it’s up to Quagliarella

Lazio take on Chievo without Klose

UEFA punish Biancocelesti, they risk a game behind closed doors

Destro KO, out for over a month

Record-breaking Cavani targets 50 goals

Serie B: Crotone beat Sassuolo, but it’s chaos

Referee blows the whistle as they score for 2-2

Anelka, a done deal for Juve!

A five-month contract for the French striker

Tonight the challenge with Genoa

Lazio want to close the gap this afternoon

Menga is already with Toro, now talks with Fiorentina for Ljajic and El Hamdaoui

Mourinho can see Kaka at Milan

Coutinho out, Inter push for Paulinho

Samp take Sansone and now for Rodriguez