Wednesday 6 February 2013

Make a move Strama (actually three)

One – Find a precise technical identity and give the side a stable set-up

Two – Change system. It is better to return to the four-man defence without Samuel

Three – Believe in Kovacic. He’s very promising, he’s already part of the future project

National side

Balo and the Pharaoh face Dutch test

A 42-year-old tandem attack in Amsterdam tonight

Prandelli: “I’m not thinking about the result”

Van Basten: “I’m studying for Milan”

“I’d like to return to Italy and there is only one team in Italy”

From Fiorentina to Celtic, a month of truth for Juve

Laxalt: “Inter, I’ll be your Recoba”

Exclusive interview for the Nerazzurro talent

“I’ll speak to the Chino for advice on how to settle. Messi unique, Zanetti a legend”

And Moratti backs Strama

El Shaarawy with Balotelli, let’s fix this new Italy

And at 18.30, Under-21s at Andria in European tests against the Germans

Insigne show: “Scudetto to Napoli”

Cellino thunder: “Cagliari-Milan only at Is Arenas”

Immediately a storm for Malesani at Palermo

Jovetic, this is how you get him Juve

The super clause is almost ready

He’ll be free in June for €35m

Tonight, high crest Italy

Balo-Faraone against Holland

Cavani: €50m Real

Clamorous voice from Spain: Perez said to have an agreement with the striker and is looking for a deal with Napoli

Moratti: More derby sparks

Palermo, Zamparini spat at

Toro: Lock down D’Ambrosio