Wednesday 20 February 2013

Milan, go to the maximum

Allegri has given a precise identity to the Rossoneri, who can give it a good go against Messi and Co

Barca are the strongest side in the world, but they have a weak spot

And El Shaarawy…

Bayern cyclone, Arsenal beaten in London 3-1

Strama would like Inter rotation, but he can’t

Juve, early tests and exams for the re-start

Osvaldo in Prague with his girlfriend, the venom of his ex

Stop him Milan!

Champions League, super tie against Barcelona

Berlusconi orders the team and asks to man-mark Messi

Allegri is playing for his job and says: “Thanks, but I decide who plays. We know how to stop the Spaniards”

Arsenal are overwhelmed at home by Bayern (1-3)

Porto beat Malaga

Napoli, the goals of Cavani for the Scudetto

And Juve want Suarez, Edi’s twin

Stramaccioni and Inter, peace for the derby

Cagliari-Torino at the Is Arenas, but behind closed doors

Juve blitz for Sanchez

Bianconeri emissaries in Milan for the first contact with the Blaugrana attacker

The operation could develop along the lines of that which took Ibra to the Rossoneri

Berlusconi insists: “Man-mark Messi”

Cagliari-Toro, yes to the Is Arenas, but it will be played behind closed doors

Inter: Strama needs to squeeze out Palacio to avoid a crisis

Castro: “Catania now worth more than just survival”

Toro though, Juve out at the Viareggio