Saturday 23 February 2013

It’s a BaloDerby!

Moratti: ‘I care for Mario, he grew up with the Nerazzurri. Ronaldo scored against us too, but we won. The Curva can jeer, but no racist insults’

Galliani: ‘We’re in good shape, Allegri was brilliant against Barça. We got Balotelli from Man City, not Inter. He won’t cause any rows’

Kovacic: ‘Anyone who believes in Jesus cannot fear the Diavolo’

Montolivo: ‘The Pharaoh will score, he’s not depressed’

Marotta targets Diamanti, but it’s already a duel with Inter

Derby for tough guys

Tomorrow evening a great Inter-Milan

Guarin: ‘The Rossoneri don’t scare me. We are ready and want third place’

‘Cassano is fantastic, I’ve never seen anyone like him. I didn’t copy Balotelli’s hairstyle...’

Ambrosini: ‘Guarin is their strongest player. If we win, I’ll play Springsteen in the locker room’

‘Victory over Barcelona increased our self-esteem. Balotelli seems relaxed’

Lavezzi: ‘Napoli, take the Scudetto!’

‘They are on a par with Juve and the fans give an extra push’

The Sheikh: ‘Roma, I love you’

Cellino remains in prison

Serie B: Juve Stabia soar

Verratti-Cavani, the pair Juve fans prefer

Sanchez affair: Barça will sell for €18m

Balotelli breaks Inter-Milan: A show and a scare

De Laurentiis: ‘Mazzarri leaves? We’ll get over it’

Palermo face Genoa in a battle worth €30m

Toro discover their fear: losing Cerci