Wednesday 27 February 2013

I Diego

The comparison: “Messi is a great player, but I’m better”

Cavani: “Problems to lose him. I tell the squad to not fear Juve”

The bench: “I’ve not killed anyone. I’d like to boss after Mazzarri”

Mou beats Barca too

Balo, a long night and a fine for the gesture towards the Nerazzurri fans

Can he play or not? Carew at Inter seems a mystery

Bologna heart: Comeback with Motta and Christo as they fold Fiorentina 2-1

Busy in the Champions League zone

Keep an eye on the re-born Roma and the Catania of miracles

Sassuolo, one foot in Serie A

Livorno crumble at home

Pogba charges up his shot, five record goals

Don’t send Rizzoli to Napoli-Juve

Choice of referee for the Scudetto clash on its way

The ref of the Beijing chaos is favourite

Bologna strike, Fiorentina KO

Rossoblu win the tie postponed because of snow, Motta and Lazaros decide it after comeback

Barcelona shock as they are overwhelmed by Real

Ahead of Milan, surprising fall at home 1-3. Mou in Cup Final

Maradona: “Juve are not the strongest”

“They can be beaten, belief is needed. Ready to Coach if Mazzarri leaves”

Inter, Carew in Milan a mystery

Mangala for the Milan defence

Crotone blitz at Livorno, Sassuolo yes

Napoli-Juve, the pizzas fly

Partenopei against the referees

Bianconeri, eyes open…

Dieguito-Tacconi: Sparks

Carew at Inter

Disappointing medical, 10-day trial

Milan hunt Mangala, the new Thiago

Toro, another slap arrives

Diop banned for three games

Bologna resurge with Lazaros

Sassuolo triumph, Livorno fall