Wednesday 13 March 2013

Lessons from Messi

Barcelona come back from the 0-2 of the first leg with a heavy 4-0

The Argentine gigantic

Niang hits the post with the score at 1-0

Allegri: “They are no 1, we’ll grow”

Ambrosini: “We were not up to it”

Inter, Mihajlovic pops back up between Mazzarri and Blanc

Chivu attacks: “There is no play here”

Transfers: On the attack for Jung, the German wide man of Eintracht who costs €2.5m

Elkann stops the return of Ibra, but there are negotiations

The FIAT President: “We don’t need superstars”

But there has already been contact with Raiola

Napoli face to face

There is also De Laurentiis to sound the charge

Too much Messi for Milan

A show from the phenomenon

Barca comeback: 4-0

Leo brace, then Villa and Jordi Alba – Rossoneri out of the Champions League

Post hit from Niang: How many regrets

Sneijder’s Galatasaray go

Ibra splits Juve

Elkann stops the Swede and freezes Nedved: “We don’t need a superstar”

Mihajlovic or Lucescu for the future of Inter

Inter-Samp and Toro-Lazio moved to 20.45

Napoli, De Laurentiis dictates the fightback plan

Roma fans away from home with no limits

Deschamps: “Super Pogba thanks to Conte”

The French boss: “Juve are missing a Vialli”

Elkann: “Ibra is part of our history”

Black smoke

Barca comeback: Super Messi plus Villa and Jordi Alba

Milan trounced: 4-0, goodbye to the Champions League

Galatasaray feat: 3-2 in Germany, Schalke out

Inter: Lucescu between heart and money

The Shakhtar boss is Moratti’s first choice but PSG are ready to pay him lots

Toro-fans, doors closed and tension

Ibarbo and Co, here are the goal posters