Sunday 17 March 2013

Juve superpower

Vucinic and Marchisio earn 2-0 win in Bologna

Controversy over Conte, who slams: ‘It makes me want to leave Italy’

Today it’s up to Napoli to close the 12-point gap

Cassano-Palacio at Marassi as Inter face their future: Icardi

Cerci ready for Nazionale debut, Antonelli in and Verratti out

Allegri cancels Barcelona: ‘The defeat made us stronger’

Gomez brace, Catania can smell Europe

Juve show and triumphant march

Vucinic and Marchisio sink Bologna

Scudetto closer than ever, Mazzarri goes to -12 and cannot get it wrong today

Catania push for Europe and flatten Udinese 3-1

Napoli have the most faithful fans

Balotelli: ‘Mourinho is better than Mancini’

San Lorenzo wear the Pope on their shirts

Golden point for Bari

Two kisses for the Scudetto

Juve conquer Bologna with Vucinic and Marchisio

Champions of Italy go +12 over Napoli

Conte show at the end of the game, then sparks fly with Pioli

Milan rediscover Balotelli and face the Palermo fury

Inter go to Marassi, Cassano’s heart beats faster

Lucarelli: ‘Toro, do you remember how to beat Lazio?’

Gomez double, Catania shout: ‘We can dream’