Friday 22 March 2013

The national side

More Italy than Brazil

Super goal from Balotelli

2-0 down, Prandelli’s boys draw level with De Rossi and the Milan man as they just miss out on the win

Boateng speaks at the UN

“Let’s beat racism, it’s now like malaria”

Applauded by Blatter and Vieira – “His gesture is an alarm signal”

Vidal – a new no to Bayern

“I refused them two years ago and now I’ll knock them out”

Natalino, a new life

“I don’t know if I’ll play again, but Inter saved my life”

De Rossi and Balotelli stop Brazil

Scolari’s side 2-0 up with Fred and Oscar

After the break, the Azzurri react and just miss out on the third goal

The Romanista KO’d at the end

Boateng at the UN: “Racism is like malaria”

Mourinho, another argument with Real – Moratti awaits

Totti and Roma, an appointment for his contract

“Sanchez, come here!”

Vidal calls his fellow countryman to Juve: “And I’ll stay for sure”

Not just Ibrahimovic in the Bianconero market

Italy 2-2 Brazil

Cerci the turning point, Balo the jewel

Fred and Neymar freeze the Azzurri, but then the Granata player enters at the break and the national team comes back with De Rossi and Super Mario

Mondonico: “Toro, the Fila and Europe”

Boateng: “My goal against racism”

Cassano, ciao Inter unless…