Tuesday 2 April 2013

This Juve strikes fear

Conte: “We didn’t get here by chance and we won’t set ourselves any limits”

Heynckes: “Juventus are legendary, Pirlo a super architect”

A decision will be made on Vucinic this morning

Ribery a doubt for Bayern, Robben to start from the bench

Vidal, the man that said no to the Bavarians

A secret book and 16 ‘rules’. Here are the Germans

Ibra against Messi: A night of stars in Paris

Vilanova back on the Barca bench after two months

Ancelotti jokes: “I am waiting for Mourinho’s advice…”

Inter – No violence, Cambiasso let off with only one match

Rizzoli’s report and his career were decisive: He will miss the re-arranged match against Samp tomorrow

Milan – When the Mohawks rest the defence takes care of things

They haven’t conceded for four games. And Sunday there is the Viola (without Jovetic)

Cavani is better than Careca, forwards steps for Damiao

Di Canio to Sunderland. “He is a fascist.” Miliband leaves the club

The ex-Labour MP was Vice-President. The Coach: “My life speaks for me.”

Come on Juve, we always beat them!

Champions League in Munich against a great Bayern

We are a German nightmare: We dominate 107-79

Our study: We’re in charge when it comes to Cup and international games

Conte: “We have no fear”

Doubts: Two strikers or an extra midfielder?

Two super collectives, but just one Pirlo

Venomous battle between Ibra and Messi

PSG against Barca, the Sheikh confirms Ancelotti

The Spanish annoyed by the Swede’s reduced ban: “A precedent created”

Napoli made for Cavani: Statistics like Diego

Lazio moves, they have met Chievo for Thereau

Only one game for Cambiasso. Tomorrow there is Samp-Inter

Sunderland to Di Canio: What a storm

Milan trio sleep in the train’s luggage compartment

Juve, knock down the spread

Champions League in Munich: It is once again Italy-Germany against Bayern

At 20.45, first round of the quarter-finals

Conte fired up: “Yes, it is a dream, but we aren’t here by chance and we will not be the sacrificial lambs”

The German Coach praises his rivals, while his players are bold: “Zero fear, we won’t concede”

Cambiasso, just one match!

Milan-Napoli: Second place at the feet of Balo and Cavani

Toro, only love from the fans. Another lesson for Ventura

Tonight there is the super game between Ibra and Messi

Palermo, the revival in three moves

Di Canio-Sunderland: Chaos