Friday 5 April 2013

I, Mohawk with Mario

Milan interview: El Shaarawy speaks

“Mario has arrived at the right moment. He’s a golden boy. We’ll grow together. The train? It had stopped…”

Dinho celebrates by mimicking a gun, the police point them at the Argentines

Lazio sink, the referee helps Fenerbahce

A Juve pact for a comeback against Bayern

Palacio strained, he now risks 20 days on the sidelines

“Juve, sign Cavani”

Vialli gives advice to the Bianconeri: “He’s the right man – he scores and runs. But you have to keep an eye on costs…”

De Laurentiis guarantees: “A tough and young Napoli even if Edi leaves”

Lazio robbed in the Cup, Fenerbahce win: 2-0

Europa League: Onazi dismissed, an in-existent penalty. A scandal

Italian football is stronger than the crisis

Income up by 7 per cent from last year, but Serie A is old and has too many foreigners

Inter problem, Palacio KO, Cassano to stay

Incredible: Taribo West took off 12 years!

The ex Inter and Milan defender is now 51

It was revealed after his transfer to Belgrade

Reggina-Bari, survival is at stake

Serie B: Big clash at the Granillo, the victory counts double

“Fantastic Ibra”

Pirlo also crowns the Swedish star

Juve and Zlatan closer, PSG prepare the goodbye

Mou: “The Bianconeri can win the Champions League”

Bad Inter blow, Palacio sidelined

Barreto exclusive: “Toro, my life”

Ambrosini: “Milan, a big jump needed”

10-man Lazio surrender to the Turks

Napoli launch themselves for Verratti