Thursday 11 April 2013

Too much Bayern

Juve, you’ll grow

The Bianconeri still leave with the applause from their fans

Conte: “We are building for miracles. I compliment my players”

Messi on, Ancelotti out

Jeers at Balotelli in Florence, the way for the club to get a discount

The defence for the three-match ban is ready

Mario was nervous because he was targeted by the fans

UEFA twist: Hard line against racism

Lazio look to overturn Fenerbahce

Rocchi-Alvarez, Inter look for new goals

Juve, they are too strong

Champions League: The Bianconeri have a go, but Bayern win in Turin too (2-0)

Mandzukic-Pizarro, Germans through

PSG spectacle: Messi comes on to save Barca

Now Spain-Germany semi-finals

Racist chants, now Balotelli goes on the attack

Milan will ask for his ban to be cut

Mario was shaken when he insulted the referee

Here is Hamsik: “A Scudetto tattoo”

Exclusive interview to King Marek: “I’ll write it on my skin when we win. Napoli is my home”

Lazio, tonight against Fenerbahce: A feat is needed

More is needed for Europe

Monstrous Bayern, Juve KO’d also at home: 0-2

Bianconeri out, the Germans in the the semi-finals with Barca (1-1 at the Nou Camp with PSG)

To live in the Champions League, the team that dominates Italy needs more champions of absolute quality

Toro, operation derby

Moratti plan, Inter austerity without Europe

Balotelli is not there, Milan expect goals from Pazzo