Sunday 21 April 2013

Juve-Milan double duel

Bianconeri can see the Scudetto, Rossoneri seeking second place

The face-to-face also serves to show what the gap is between the two

On the transfer market, there’s that Ibra affair...

Ronaldo visits Juventus: ‘Wonderful stadium, but I won’t forget that foul from ‘98’

Branca blitz in Catania to ‘book’ Gomez

Udinese make it three, Lazio KO

Sassuolo can smell Serie A, Livorno and Varese hit the high notes

Cavani richer than Messi!

In England they claim Man City offer €15.5m per season

It would give Edi higher wages than the Argentine

Today he leads Napoli against Cagliari

Juve-Milan, sparks fly between Conte and Allegri over Ibra

Tonight a classic match with a thousand plot twists

Bianconeri boss: ‘I want to be the best’

Rossoneri Coach: ‘Don’t worry, you already are. Zlatan? Why not...’

Lazio fall in Udine and are caught

Ronaldo: ‘I love Inter and Totti’

Reggina save themselves, Bari protest

Ronaldo in the stands tonight to watch Milan

‘Phenomenal Juve’

‘The stadium and the team are already in the future’

This evening 101 trophies on the pitch, it’s the real Derby d’Italia

Conte-Allegri prepare with the inevitable sniping

Bianchi, shake off the Toro ghosts

Strama-Inter, anger and pride

Catania-Palermo passionate derby

Genoa lose another opportunity, 1-1 with Atalanta