Monday 6 May 2013

Juve wonder

The triumph – Vidal, the symbol, decides the game against Palermo

The Bianconeri win their 29th Scudetto with three games to go, doubling up last season’s win

The party starts in Turin and the whole of Italy

Charged up Conte: “Now I await the reinforcements for Europe”

Italy is not enough

Contact with Real for Higuain, Ibra now divides

Compliments of Del Piero, the forgotten one

Balo saves Milan, Cavani makes it 101

Super Mario liquidates Toro

Napoli beat Inter with three goals from the Uruguayan

A record Klose against Bologna with five goals

Juve Scudetto double

Masters of Italy

They beat Palermo 1-0, the triumph now mathematical

Bianconero party in lots of cities

Future – there is Higuain

Super Conte now waits for reinforcements

Cavani overwhelms Inter

Milan, third place close

Balotelli folds Torino near the end

Lazio score six, five from Klose

Pescara already in B

Champions, Juve 31

The Bianconeri beat Palermo 1-0 and win the title with three games to go

Conte again: “Now they must make me understand”

To bow is a duty

Toro beautiful and unlucky

Milan, Champions League party

Genoa -1 from the Granata, now the clash at the Olimpico

Avelllino back in B

Messina in Lega Pro