Thursday 16 May 2013

Happy Conte

“Juve and I still together to win”

The requests of the Coach: Two attackers of a certain level; Pogba and Vidal untouchable; seven or eight new signings; more of a say in market choices; improved contract

Balo shock warning: “I’ll leave at the first racist insult”

Rows between Allegri-Robinho and Ambrosini-Yepes in a tense training session

Meanwhile the club move on the market: Samp’s Poli blocked

Benitez scream, Chelsea win the Europa League

Cassano confesses: “99 per cent of the time it was my fault”

Fantantonio interviewed by Tardelli on football and women

Kovacic: “2014 will be our year”

Cold dinner between De Laurentiis and Mazzarri

Bielsa idea for Roma

Petkovic-Lazio, yes with more power

Everyone says Verona in Serie A, 100 experts quizzed

Conte and Juve, forward together!

Meeting and an agreement at the HQ between the Bianconero Coach and Agnelli

“We’ll continue to build”

First objective – the Champions League

And that instantly triggers a double swoop: Higuain plus Jovetic

Mazzarri storm, Roma tremble

Meeting with the Giallorossi postponed, Inter and Malaga press

And De Laurentiis thinks of Benitez with Reja as technical director

Balotelli: “I’ll leave the field at the next chant”

“I no longer accept racism: Too stupid. I already wanted to go against Roma”

The Europa League to Benitez’s Chelsea

Six million fake stickers seized

“Still together”

Conte and Agnelli: New meeting at Juve HQ, a handshake and a declaration of intent after three hours of talks

“Next season planned, forward to continue to construct”

Market: They’ll start with Higuain, Jovetic, Lodi and Ranocchia

Robinho-Balotelli: Milan chaos

The Brazilian argues with Allegri, Ambrosini with Yepes: Stop to training

Mario: “I’ll leave the pitch at the next racist chants”

Toro: Ventura talks to Cerci – “Stay here”

Neymar case: “He’s signed for Bayern”

Benitez, farewell party: Chelsea’s Cup in the 93rd minute

Ivanovic at the end KOs Benfica 2-1 in the Final of the Europa League. Torres also reborn