Monday 20 May 2013

Milan, Champions scream

A Balotelli penalty and a Mexes goal at the end save the Rossoneri

Allegri doesn’t reveal his future: “I have a year left on my contract”

And he awaits Berlusconi

Mazzarri, goodbye Napoli

Benitez close

Inter: Strama mystery

Ancelotti has asked PSG to release him so he can go to Real Madrid, but the Sheikh holds him back for now

Ljajic show, then the Viola dream evaporates

Udinese, five goals for Europe

Nerazzurri, a record flop


Rossoneri third thanks to the referee

Milan in the Champions League thanks to an inexistent penalty

Fiorentina, a worthless 5-1

Bergonzi denies Siena a clear penalty then gives one for a foul on Balotelli

Mario drew Milan level, then Mexes 2-1

Montella: “They are better than us from 11 metres…”

It is official, Mazzarri leaves Napoli

The goodbye after the loss to Roma: “I had already made a decision, but I told nobody. I’ll listen to any offers”

Udinese also humiliate Strama and they fly into the Europa League

Lazio fall with Cagliari, there is the final overtake in the capital

Juve-Higuain, another contact

Work is being done to adjust the difference between demand and offer

Jovetic, top of Conte’s list, is hot again

Tevez playing on more than one table: He cuddles the Bianconeri and Monaco

Inter-Strama, ciao!

Mazzarri leaves

Milan: Champions League yes, Allegri maybe

Final verdicts: Fiorentina and Udinese in the Europa League, Lazio out as they await the Coppa Italia Final

Now the coaching revolution starts

Bianchi is stronger than the final malice

Ventura excludes him in the night of his goodbye, he scores the 2-2 goal against Catania

Ancelotti leaves, Luis Enrique to PSG?

Samp goalkeeper: Sorrentino, Viviano or Bardi