Thursday 23 May 2013

Higuain says yes to Juve

OK for a €4.5m contract plus bonuses

Now an agreement with Real is necessary

Jovetic – the Viola are open to players plus cash

And Ibra: “Italy is top”

Conte worth a 10, then Fiorentina and Udinese

Galliani, last Allegri attempt with Berlusconi

If Max ends his adventure in Rossonero, Tassotti will follow him to Roma

Mazzarri, is it done? Moratti denies: “Mancio? An option…”

Strama at home with a fever as he awaits the sack

The possibility of an Isla-Ranocchia swap grows

Benitez-Napoli, we are there

Meeting with his agent today

Paulinho freezes Brescia

Maccarone, Empoli joy

There is the agreement for Juve-Higuain

Blitz in Madrid, the yes from the attacker already gained

€4.5m for four years

Real: Give us Vidal

But Agnelli doesn’t stop there: Assault for Jovetic starts

The deal alive: The Bianconeri try to include players straight away, the Viola will only talk for €30m

Milan, Seedorf chaos explodes

The fans already protesting the Dutchman and Allegri asks for severance pay

Benitez’s Napoli also think about Torres

And Mazzarri wants to take Zuniga with him to Inter

Lazio-Roma, the derby blessed by the Pope

Higuain, first yes to Juve

Marotta has met the player, father and brother

But now talks have to take place with Real

Milan and Seedorf hot, but the fans protest

Statement from the Curva: “Nothing against Clarence, but he has no coaching experience”

Toro, Maxi yes, Immobile rises, Cerci dilemma

Inter, Cassano is already a problem for Mazzarri

Verona, Perez and Nico Lopez

Genoa: Marchese

Playoff first leg, Novara penalty draw (1-1)