Friday 14 June 2013

Milan block Tevez

Galliani sees his agent in Milan and takes another forward step in negotiations

Juve deny a meeting and keep a low profile

Marotta: “We will not take part in an auction”

Marchisio: “Future? I’ll look elsewhere if I’m no longer important for Juventus”

The midfielder after rumours of a sale: “I’ll talk to the club. Honoured if teams like Monaco and United are interested in me”

Everyone believes in Balotelli, he’s already a phenomenon in Brazil

Inter, Isla gets closer and they target Nainggolan

Viola: Here is Joaquin

Roma, there is Paulinho

Marchisio: “Juve, I’ll go if you want!”

“I’ll talk to the club to understand how important I am. I’ll look around if they are not counting on me. United and Monaco? Honoured…”

Meanwhile Pogba says it’s love: “Always here”

Milan-Tevez meeting and agreement: A deal will be done

Inter twist: Isla in their hand, he’s the wide player for Mazzarri

Nainggolan, it’s a battle between Moratti and Roma

Napoli deliver the first blow: Mertens

Lazio, Biglia arrives in Rome

Tevez at Milan, what will you do Juve?

Argentine’s agent met Galliani where they also spoke of Julio Cesar

Marotta has a meeting with Real planned: He’ll formulate a new offer for Higuain

Inter: Nainggolan+Isla

Branca-Cellino meeting: Forward steps for Mazzarri’s priority

Talks today with Pozzo for the Chilean

Cavani’s mum: “City or Real”

Toro: Calaio, Almiron and…Marrone