Saturday 22 June 2013

Italy-Brazil amid the chaos

This is not a party

The big Confederations Cup match is tonight, but the country is a powder keg

Clashes between protestors and police, two dead, siege on FIFA’s hotel

Prandelli: ‘We are staying here’

Here is Benitez: ‘Call me Don Rafè. I hope Cavani stays’

Cassano: Genoa try to snatch him off Parma

Jovetic: Marotta tries with the Gabbiadini card

Blanc has said yes to PSG, Ancelotti two-year deal with Real Madrid

‘I am Rafè and I want Cavani’

Benitez show to light up Napoli, now De Laurentiis dreams

‘I already spoke to Edi and hope he stays. I said yes because I saw a plan and enthusiasm’

‘It’s all very different from Inter... Hamsik makes the difference, Insigne is very talented’

Balotelli takes on Neymar as Brazil burns

Confederations Cup, Italy against the Seleçao tonight while protests spread and two die

Jovetic, Juve charge forward again

Roma goalkeeper: Diego Alves in pole position

Blanc to PSG, Ancelotti free for Real Madrid

Gattuso: ‘Palermo will be my fortune’

Matri to Milan frees up Tevez!

Bianconeri also work on Jovetic and Ljajic

Meeting in Milan with his agent, soon an offer for Fiorentina

Gattuso lights up Palermo: ‘I’m like Conte’

Italy-Brazil fear amid deaths and talk of suspending the tournament

Cerci: ‘Toro, finally I feel relaxed’

Inter, Nainggolan towards Roma, so objective is Hernanes

Benitez to Cavani: ‘I already asked him to remain at Napoli’

Rafael with Rafa!

Bari: Canadian investors to cure the club, will Mangia be Coach?

Blanc to PSG frees up Ancelotti to Real Madrid

Arsenal: Fellaini and the Rooney dream