Thursday 27 June 2013

Carlitos arrives in Turin…

Tevez, a Juve worth 10

“They wanted me here more than Milan”

Fans go wild

The Argentine welcomed like a King, he’ll wear Del Piero’s shirt

Marchisio is no longer on the market

…Carletto conquers Madrid

Ancelotti presents himself with a promise “We are Real: We’ll make you happy”

Formula three Italy dream of a feat

Side strengthened in defence and built with seven Juventus players

Prandelli: “We’ll need a great game to defy the odds”

Cavani not enough, Uruguay beaten, Brazil in the Final

Julio Cesar saves a Forlan penalty, Fred and Paulinho score in 2-1 win

Moratti: “Talks with Thohir going well”

Galliani pushes for Honda, Kaka moves further away

De Laurentiis wants Leyton

Miccoli in front of the public prosecutor

Tevez with the 10 of Alex

What enthusiasm in Turin for the arrival of the striker

“Juve wanted me more than Milan”

He’ll have Del Piero’s shirt

And now for Kolarov

There is Spain-Italy, Neymar is waiting for us

Moratti opens to Thohir: “Yes, I am negotiating for the good of Inter”

Lazio swoop, Anderson signed: “I’ll make history”

Milan on Honda, four-year deal ready

Napoli push Cavani even more: “He has to stay”

Roma want €40m for Marquinhos

Betting in Cremona, another storm

Here is Tevez, he will have the 10

Fans go mad for the new Juve ace

Chaos at Malpensa, heavy traffic outside Juve HQ

The happiness of the Apache, who will have the most desired shirt

Italy, complete a miracle

Tonight the Azzurri face Spain in the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup

Brazil in the Final: 2-1 versus Uruguay

Napoli chase Curci, Toro say no

Moratti-Thohir try to reach an agreement