Saturday 29 June 2013

The mystery of the Pharaoh

From phenomenon to flop in four months: how is it possible?

Problems sharing with Balotelli, but also a crisis of growth

The player says no to all transfer offers

The ThohInter project

The magnate comes in with €120m, but targets the full club

He brings Nainggolan plus the security of Handanovic and Guarin

Europe and South America, Tevez only knows how to win

Borgonovo’s email: ‘Pirlo moved me’

Giaccherini and the penalties: ‘I didn’t feel up to it’

Thohir buys up 40 per cent of the club for an Indonesian Inter

He brings €150m into the Nerazzurri coffers to balance the books

Nainggolan and Dragovic to be the first buys

Milan prepare €10m for Ljajic

Napoli, another signing with Rafael in goal

The Brazilian shot-stopper will challenge De Sanctis

Tevez fever, his shirt flies out of the shops

Roma on French joker Imbula

Official, Serie A begins on August 24

Juve, Kolarov offer

Marotta proposes €1.5m for a loan and €5.5m to buy from Manchester City

Tevez fires up Llorente: ‘It’s a great Juve, I’m so happy’

Inter, Dragovic mission

Basel’s Austrian defender liked by Mazzarri

Toro choose between Immobile and Derdiyok

Fiorentina, Julio Cesar arrives in goal

Napoli, sprint for Brazilian Rafael of Santos

Roma respond by diving on to Diego Alves

The Nazionale returns to Turin against the Czech Republic