Friday 12 July 2013

Conte: ‘Juve, I’ll take you into the history books’

‘We’re after a third consecutive Scudetto. Tevez and Llorente great buys. Napoli and Fiorentina our main rivals’

Mazzarri: ‘Inter, follow me and I’ll make you great’

‘Teams grow with me, just look at Cavani and Hamsik... We still need a winger. Kovacic has to target the goal’

Totti warns Roma: ‘The new jersey? It’s my last’

Milan pressure on Honda. Ljajic no, Robinho yes

Pep snaps at Barça: ‘They lied to damage my reputation’

‘Juve, we’ll make history!’

Conte’s intriguing challenge: ‘A third straight Scudetto and try our best in the Champions League...’

Bologna want Giovinco for Diamanti

Roma, even Totti becomes an issue

At presentation of new jersey he warns: ‘This is my last one’

Nobody offered him a contract renewal

Honda and Milan, here is the signature for January 2014

Mazzarri: ‘Inter super with Icardi and Belfodil’

Napoli warned Damiao costs €25m

Agent: ‘Hernanes will not leave Lazio’

Guardiola slams Barça: ‘Leave me alone’

‘Someone did not keep their word’

Conte cyclone

He snubs the Milanese clubs and challenges Napoli

‘Benitez is a great Coach. I would’ve preferred Cavani stayed, as now De Laurentiis has €63m to spend’

‘Milan and Inter are in the Scudetto race, but with Gomez Fiorentina are no longer provincial’

‘We will write history with a third consecutive Scudetto. Tevez is the right man for us’

Furious Toro, as St. Etienne change their minds on Ghoulam

Inter, no Isla, so now for Van der Wiel

Milan, Honda says yes to an immediate move

Totti says goodbye: ‘This is my last jersey...’

Samp in the future, as they train with a ‘drone’

Napoli-Damiao, it’s an issue of sponsors