Sunday 14 July 2013
Trentin: The lightening fast Italian wins at the Tour
He battle hard in the mountains to end a three-year spell without an Italian winner
MotoGP chaos: Pedrosa also KO'd, Valentino third
A scary fall from the Spanish, today is the race, Marquez in pole
Believing he can reopen the title race
First row at Sachsering, it has not happened in 2 years and 8 months
He will attempt it nonetheless: "It will be a fight, and I am ready," Valentino
How many more falls, Pedrosa falls now, Lorenzo operated on
Transfer window: From Isla to Ljajic: Everything still remains in the balance
Many clubs must sell before buying as in the cases of Matri, Ranocchia and De Rossi
The report: In the mountains of hell is where Tevez is again been raised
Fiorentina, a great place for Gomez
Ambrosini forced in goal, Joaquin opens his account
Roma, Garcia responds: "Lazio fans only criticise us"
Garcia fury
Roma respond in Alto Adige with a strong message: "They are Lazio fans, not ours"
Osvaldo's rude public message: He must leave training
Conte's project is Dutch
With Tevez and Llorente he is going for an unconventional 3-3-4
After Cavani restlessness in Napolo
The money to be collected from the sale of the champion will go first go to bringing in Julio Cesar
Arrival imminent: Honda to Milan, meeting in Moscow
Great sensation: Mazzarri, "I like the spirit here at Inter"
Bizzarri to Genoa: Lazio will have Perin as Marchetti's back up
"Agnelli to gift Kolarov"
The fans have welcomed with great affection the president of Juventus who has visited the squad in Chatillon
They show their united support
Zuniga instantly becomes a Bianconeri
Llorente: "I was immediately bewitched by Juventus"
Inter consider an offer for the Prophet (Hernanes)
Hernanes is a top player that Moratti wants to give to Mazzarri. Lazio value him at 25 million
Between D'Ambrosio and Torino, evidence of peace
Milan: Blitz to get Honda straight away
Garcia boom: "Who criticises us are Lazio fans"
Livorno: There is Rosina in their thoughts
Foscarini, "I am the Ferguson of Cittadella"
Gattuso: "Palermo will growl"
The Rosanero coach and is ready for his first run out with his squad: "They will battle, like me"
Forza Rossi
Today he will start from the first row
Festa Italia: Super Trentin wins at the Tour