Friday 19 July 2013

Moratti-Thohir, here is the hand!

The President towards a yes: He’ll sell 75 per cent for a figure close to €300m, but he will remain a strong reference point

The project revolves mainly around the club’s international image

Isla case – there is a blockage. Van Der Wiel option

Bye-bye Jovetic: He is City’s

Fiorentina try for Verratti

Napoli twist, Reina and Osvaldo the new objectives

Lippi talks and votes Juve

“Tevez is perfect, but Napoli are rich and if Balo lasts…”

Champions record for Agnelli: €65m arrive

Robinho remains a Rossonero, he’s renewed until 2016

Guidolin-Udine until 2017: “It’s the right place for me”

Napoli, Damiao + a goalkeeper

The centre-forward a step away

Julio Cesar will give his final answer in the next few hours

If he refuses then Reina will arrive from Liverpool

Jovetic goes to City, Marquinhos to PSG

And Roma sign baby striker Bueno

Nela shock: “This is how I beat cancer”

Juve await Zuniga, Vucinic becomes a problem

Robinho with Milan until 2016

Isla to Inter, Udinese block everything

Lazio have Benteke dream

Parma: Piris

Schelotto towards Chievo


Llorente has bewitched Conte and the fans

The Spaniard a champion of humility and mystique

Juve put the brakes on Isla to Inter

Astounding: Ibra to Napoli?

Milan surprise, Eriksen twist, Honda waits

Toro, Cairo enters into RCS with €14m

Go Roma, what a Bueno in attack!

Jovetic goes to Manchester, now it is official

Udinese-Guidolin until 2017