Sunday 21 July 2013

Mazzarri: Operation Overtake

‘There are teams who have something more, but I won’t settle for third place’

‘Only Benitez says we ought to target the Scudetto straight away’

‘I support Napoli in the Champions League, even if someone has already forgotten those four years’

Moratti-Thohir: here is the outline of the agreement

Meetings in London on Tuesday and Wednesday to iron out the final details

Kobe Bryant turns up at Milanello, Binho spectacle on the field

Euphoric Llorente: ‘This team is like Barça’

Pepito back to scoring goals after two years

Ederson enchants Lazio

Reina is Benitez’s goalkeeper, so De Sanctis goes to Roma

Acerbi shock: he must battle a testicular tumour

Napoli-Higuain, yes from Real!

Stunning turnaround, deal for €35m awaiting the all-clear from the player

Reina is their new goalkeeper

Benitez enjoys five goals in a friendly, as Insigne shines straight away

Galliani: ‘Balo better than Tevez’

‘If we had signed the Apache last season, Mario wouldn’t be here now. We wait for Honda’

Llorente: ‘Juve are as strong as Barça’

‘Our first objective is a third straight Scudetto, while in the Champions League anything is possible’

Pepito Rossi show with a hat-trick

Lazio, four goals and youngster Keita impresses

Osvaldo splits Roma

Boudebouz the new name for Inter

Llorente: ‘Juve are like Real and Barça’

‘I’m happy here and like the way we train, though in certain ways Conte is harder than Bielsa’

‘The objective is a third straight title, but we’re also working for the Champions League’

‘How many Scudetti have Juve won? 31!’

Wellington calls: ‘Inter, I’m here’

Napoli-Reina all-clear

De Sanctis to Roma

Toro debut, Immobile wins over the fans with four goals